CORE Support

The CORE question is:

  • Do you see this as a moment of change and will you show your support?
    In place of short term solutions, we can make a long term difference by thinking differently.

If enough people provide CORE support

  1. We will crowdfund a project worker to develop the CORE concept
  2. We will pitch for support from funding grants, sponsors, corporate social responsibility
  3. We will fund a CORE team
  4. We will lobby internationally to set up the CORE project by the end of this year.

Click here NOW to show your support!

These people and organisations have already done so: thank you all.

Name or Organisation
Jess Cole
Jon O’Connor
The School Bus Project
Yasmin Durrant
Home.Works project (Northern Greece)
Chris Beddoe
Becca Davies
Amy Crockett
Coop Schools (UK)
Sadia Lira
Fiona O’Neill
Sean O’Connor
Action for Education