CORE Support

The CORE question is:

  • Do we see a moment of change: will you show your support?

If enough people provide CORE support

  1. We will crowdfund a project worker to develop the CORE concept
  2. We will pitch for grants, sponsors, corporate social responsibility
  3. We will then fund a CORE development team
  4. We will lobby internationally to set up CORE by the end of this year.

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The people below have already done so: thank you all.

We have signed up to support the CORE concept, as we believe we need longer-term solutions, we need to start working in a different way.

Name or Organisation
Jess Cole
Long term sustainable change needs to happen!
Jon O’Connor
One world, our world: empathy, compassion, human rights.
It’s time to think big about these issues, along with the entitlement to emergency security, shelter and sustenance.

We are challenging the world community to come together to find strategic solutions: Centres of Refugee Education
The School Bus Project
Yasmin Durrant
As negative opinions towards refugees seem founded on misinformation and media portrayals rather than emphathy or education about the state of the countries in which refugees come from
Home.Works project (Northern Greece)
Chris Beddoe
We need workable and strategic solutions to refugee education that uphold and promote all human rights.
Rights are indivisible and interdependent.
Becca Davies
Amy Crockett
Coop Schools (UK)
Sadia Lira
Every person has rights to education.
Just because someone’s situation or circumstance is different does not mean they lose that right! I support providing strategic ways to meet these rights, for those who want to learn.
Fiona O’Neill
I’ve been following sbp for a long time and am really passionate and invested in our shared vision for bringing support to displaced children
Sean O’Connor
Recognising that the status quo is unacceptable, and that better and more humane solutions are needed, I am happy to pledge support for the CORE initiative. 
Action for Education
With education comes further opportunity for a more sustainable and stable life, where people can peruse their goals and passions & grow in the community and society.
For too long, there has been emphasis on mobile education that don’t have the resources necessary to enable students a fair chance to excel and grow. That needs to change, and by creating a stable environment with the correct resources it will provide opportunity for people to prosper and lead the life they deserve.
Preeya Nair: Flying Elephant Films
There are millions of refugees all over the world and the problem is not going to go away.
It is time there was a standardised systematic approach to the delivery of education and training, particularly for children and young people.
Izzy Hughes: Refugee Rights Project
Public education on refugee rights creates public support, which is the single-most vital tool for ensuring that policies and programs help refugees succeed!
Aryan Sanghrajka: Forced to Flee
It’s time for the world to band together and give refugees the support, education and foundations they need to prosper in this world after facing so much in their lives.
Education is a human right and it should be afforded to everyone, no matter what!
Nell Attwood: STAR Sheffield
It is really important to have a long term approach to refugee education provision to promote dignified and ethical humanitarian aid
Emily Fletcher
Education is a major building block of society and opens up so many pathways.
Everyone deserves the right to receive supportive education!
Catherine Richardson
Because the right to a quality education isn’t exclusive.
Sue Corrigan
Solidarity and compassion with practical 21st century support –
More now than ever I want to be part of this.
Jasminder Odusanya
RAAH is currently supporting several education programmes –
for us education is the main source to giving someone back their independence and empowerment.
We need to come Collectively and create solutions together!
Douglas Turner
More sustainable and secure. Everyone has a right to an education
Betty Porter
Amazing idea!!!! We are behind you all the way
Charlotte Steer
Everyone deserves an education and to feel empowered and inspired.
Peter Smith
As a senior member of the United Nations and a United Kingdom characterised by diversity, ingenuity, and – yes, humanity – I do not wish to lose sight of the relevant motivations, abilities, values and responsibilities, especially if all of the aforesaid is to be lost and replaced with a siege mentality and a vision of desperate people as constituting a threat.
Kelly Williams
Every human being is entitled to an education, none more so than those who have been displaced from their homes, culture and safety.
Diane Goodkind
It is important that all children have a decent education as this offers them a future. I believe it is our duty as adults who are safely placed to make sure this happens.
Hilary Davies
We need to act together and not avoid issues that we think don’t affect us. The global pandemic and climate change are showing us that we are not immune to disasters/misfortunes and need to work together for the sake of all humanity.
Thierry BIRRER Education Solidaire
One day in a refugee camp in Lebanon, I heard a 9 years old syrian girl explaining to me : “Education is the only weapon I can have to be free“. How right she is !
Vincent Lucker
A child is a child. The world is our family. Why would we feel any less for a child in a refugee camp than in the next street. For our own happiness and peace of mind this issue must be resolved.
A Taylor
We treasure human interaction. Refugee education is a humanitarian response for people in dire circumstances. Education is particularly important for children to have an opportunity to socialise, experience routine and some normality, and to also give them opportunities for their future and their role in society.
Cheryl Andrews
Education is vital for every child, including refugees.
Laura Davison
Solidarity with the aims of this project.
Lucy Ledingham
To be given the same rights as everyone else
Jane Darling
As climate change renders more and more of the world uninhabitable, and instability across the nations increases, more and more of its population will become refugees.
We have to come together on a global basis to manufacture solutions. Investment in this workis crucial to all our futures.
Matthew Hahn
CORE has identified a more sensible & strategic approach to refugee education. This is an important moment which I fully support.